Human Capital Management: The Outlook for Retaining Top Talent in 2019

Recent reports have confirmed what healthcare directors and HR specialists have already recognized and painfully experienced firsthand throughout 2018: last year’s cybersecurity job market was rife with hiring gaps, transitions, and disruptions. While the past several years have proven challenging for healthcare organizations looking to staff up their internal network security and cybersecurity teams, 2018… View Article

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How Are IT Risks Different For A Company That Handles Protected Health Information?

As cybersecurity threats and attacks continue to evolve, hackers are consistently turning their attention to the United States healthcare industry. A 2017 report released by the Identity Theft Resource Center showed that, of the total number of data breaches tracked for the year by the organization, the Medical/Healthcare industry came in second place with a… View Article

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HSCC Releases New Framework For Medical Device Security

At Fortified Health Security, we’ve seen firsthand how the many cybersecurity threats plaguing United States medical devices can impact healthcare facilities and organizations on a national scale. Yes, speed-of-light technology advances have transformed healthcare practices, treatments, and service delivery, exponentially increasing the quality of patient care across virtually every medical specialty. However, the accelerated development… View Article

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