Healthcare IT: The Biggest Healthcare Spam Threats (And How to Avoid Them)

The practice of spam began innocently enough in 1978 (yes, really), when Gary Thuerk, a marketing associate at Digital Equipment Corporation sent a promotional mass-email to 400 recipients touting the arrival of the company’s new T-series of VAX systems. The reaction was swift, fierce, and familiar: unadulterated annoyance. Today, the practice of spam continues in… View Article

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Healthcare IT: Your Essential Guide to Making Email More Secure

Yes, there are countless cybersecurity threats plaguing healthcare networks across the country at any given moment. However, recent reports suggest that many data breaches across any industry specifically occur due to poor email security practices within the company. A 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report indicates that as much as 66% of malware on compromised networks… View Article

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Fortified Health Security: What Does It Mean to Be HITRUST-Certified

Healthcare providers across every specialty rely on high-performing technology to both treat and support their patients. Whether it’s integrating a cloud-based CRM to automate back office functioning such as appointment scheduling or billing, or incorporating the latest, state-of-the-art connected medical devices into a treatment protocol, innovation is at the very core of most healthcare organization’s… View Article

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How To Triage Your Healthcare IT Security Needs And Stay On Budget

In the healthcare industry, the word “triage” typically refers to a medical process that determines the order in which admitted patients receive treatment. In larger hospitals, triage protocol becomes particularly vital, as hundreds (and potentially even thousands) of patients pursue treatment and care daily. As patients are triaged, medical professionals systematically work through the symptoms… View Article

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