5 Threats to Your Healthcare Organization’s Cybersecurity Posture

No matter what the industry, virtually every business battles the constant threat of a cyber attack on various levels. However, for healthcare organizations, the highly sensitive nature of the information stored throughout their networks makes them a prime target for hackers across the globe. As cybersecurity threats within the vertical continue to evolve, IT departments… View Article

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6 Considerations for HIPAA Compliant Penetration Testing

Strategic and results-driven penetration testing (also known as pen testing) helps healthcare enterprises maintain the highest levels of network security across their entire organization. Often referred to as “ethical hacking,” a penetration test examines an organization’s digital enterprise vulnerabilities and assesses those vulnerabilities through the same methods that a real-world threat agent would. Pen testing… View Article

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Fortified Health Security: Is Your Network Vulnerable To Intrusion?

Healthcare organizations across the country suffer from a myriad of network security issues that put their (and their patients’) data at risk. Unfortunately, many healthcare administrators don’t realize the scope of their cybersecurity vulnerabilities or just how at risk their organization is for a potential data breach – until it’s too late. It’s only after… View Article

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