Five Things Your Healthcare Company Should Do After a Data Breach

Healthcare data breaches have been on the rise in recent years. Medical data is always a big target for cybercriminals as it is much more valuable than personal information alone. Many of these data breaches are considered an outside cyber attack – a lapse in cybersecurity due to a hacker infiltrating the networks of a… View Article

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Who (And What) Should Have Access to Your Network?

Preventing a data breach or network security lapse is a top priority for healthcare organizations worldwide. The very nature of the devices and data transmitted across every internal system, coupled with a typically (and often, alarmingly) low number of cybersecurity resources makes healthcare environments exceptionally vulnerable to a cyber attack. A recent HIMSS survey of… View Article

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A Security Checklist for Healthcare Organizations

Cyber attacks and data breaches are on the rise in virtually every industry that utilizes and stores sensitive information to power its operations. However, the healthcare vertical is often particularly vulnerable to a network security lapse, often finding their data loss prevention efforts powerless against the increasingly sophisticated and complex cybercriminal terrain. Additionally, many healthcare… View Article

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