Dan L. Dodson interviewed by Information Security Media Group

Fortified’s President, Dan L. Dodson discuss the state of connected medical device security in the healthcare industry.

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Is Your Healthcare Organization in Danger of a Cybersecurity Breach?

Network security and cyber attacks continue to plague healthcare organizations of every size and scope across the US. A recently report,released by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), showed that over 15 million patient records were compromised in 2018 – a number that’s only expected to grow with the surge of connected medical devices, relaxed… View Article

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Can You Find and Secure the Sensitive Information in Your Organization’s Network Infrastructure?

All healthcare organizations capture and store sensitive data sets within their IT networks that require extensive protection from unauthorized access or a cyber attack. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle with identifying and safeguarding this information simply because they don’t know what qualifies as sensitive data and where such data is located and stored on their network…. View Article

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Medical Device Security: A New Front In The Cybersecurity War

Medical devices play a vital role in every health organization’s overall performance as well as the quality of care they can provide to patients. Today’s state-of-the-art devices deliver a wide range of benefits, including the opportunity for continuous monitoring, telemedicine, and data analytics. Despite the many advantages offered through these digital tools, there are definitely… View Article

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