Designating Number of Connected Medical Devices

Connected medical devices are being used in various capacities to resolve several issues currently plaguing the healthcare industry on a global scale. Once considered peripheral resources, due to new science and innovation, medical devices and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have now become integrated into the very fabric of most providers’ IT infrastructure. In 2018,… View Article

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How to Recover From a Healthcare Data Breach

Despite the healthcare industry’s continuous efforts to minimize cybercriminal activity, cyber attacks continue to make their tumultuous presence known throughout the industry. As a result, medical facilities, providers, and payers have prioritized protecting their digital infrastructure against a data breach. Healthcare organizations are consistently implementing preventative measures such as update patches, firewalls, antivirus and malware… View Article

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How A Virtual Information Security Program Revolutionizes Cybersecurity in Your Organization

Despite continuously integrating innovative cybersecurity upgrades and enhancements, the healthcare industry remains a primary target for cyber attacks and data breaches for a myriad of reasons. A medical facility’s technology environment contains employee and provider information, financial data, as well as a full spectrum of highly sensitive patient information, all of which can command top… View Article

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