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Pause To Consider: Multi-factor Authentication

With passwords becoming routinely compromised and users frequently concerned with memorizing lengthy and complex passwords, multi-factor authentication or MFA is becoming increasingly popular. However, the implementation of MFA solutions is not always properly executed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. When implementing MFA, pause to consider: Have you identified the most exposed resources of your environment?… View Article

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Pause To Consider: Executive Buy-In

Many CISOs and CIOs are constantly fighting for budget dollars and find themselves competing against other strategic initiatives within their organization. Gaining executive buy-in is critical to any successful cybersecurity program and is required to protect patient information adequately. Buy-in throughout the organization is increasingly more critical as the threat landscape continues to intensify. Pause… View Article

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Pause To Consider: Staffing Issues

Having trouble finding, recruiting, and retaining the right level of cybersecurity talent to support your organization adequately? You can find comfort in the fact that you are not alone, as this challenge is impacting healthcare organizations across the country. Unfortunately, that comfort doesn’t fix your problem; but thinking differently might. Pause to consider: What can… View Article

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Pause To Consider: Presenting to C-Suite

Many CISOs and CIOs struggle to find the most effective way to present their cybersecurity program to their board. Delivering this message in a meaningful way can prove to be important as your organization manages risks associated with cybersecurity. Pause to consider: Are you providing information about your program in a manner that’s consistent with… View Article

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