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An Expert-Level Security Checklist for Healthcare Organizations

Cyber attacks and data breaches are on the rise in virtually every industry that utilizes and stores sensitive information to power its operations. However, the healthcare vertical is often particularly vulnerable to a network security lapse, often finding their data loss prevention efforts powerless against the increasingly sophisticated and complex cybercriminal terrain. Additionally, many healthcare… View Article

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Fortified Health Security: Is Your Network Vulnerable To Intrusion?

Healthcare organizations across the country suffer from a myriad of network security issues that put their (and their patients’) data at risk. Unfortunately, many healthcare administrators don’t realize the scope of their cybersecurity vulnerabilities or just how at risk their organization is for a potential data breach – until it’s too late. It’s only after… View Article

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Do Your Security Policies Include Your Vendors?

Healthcare organizations recognize the vital urgency of maintaining uncompromised internal network security at all times. Under constant threat of a cyber attack, IT departments at hospitals and providers of every size prioritize cybersecurity practices, making proactive prevention and detection of a data breach a primary goal. Outside Vendors Can Pose A Significant Network Security Threat… View Article

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7 Things Every Healthcare CTO Should Consider When Planning a HIPAA Risk Analysis

The HIPAA Security Rule mandates that healthcare organizations must have the appropriate technical, administrative, and physical safeguards in place to protect the integrity, security, and confidentiality of electronically stored health data against a data breach or cyber attack. To remain compliant with HIPAA regulations, healthcare organizations must conduct an annual risk analysis. However, each year… View Article

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