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Medical Device Security: How to Assess Your Organization’s Readiness in 2019

Medical devices have experienced a significant growth surge over the last several years. Recent statistics indicate that a single hospital room may hold as many as 15-20 devices at any given moment, proving their value as an integral part of the patient care experience. The latest generation of medical devices, such as blood pressure monitors,… View Article

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Cybersecurity Alert: 3 Medical Devices that Might Put You at Risk in 2019

Medical devices are some of the most vital tools for healthcare organizations of every size and scope, impacting the performance (and public perception) of a facility. Practices throughout the country utilize an increasingly wide range of medical equipment to improve care levels as well as stand out as a market leader amongst other providers. From… View Article

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Health IT: Can You Stay Connected and Avoid Security Risks?

Every year, various advancements in technology make their way into the healthcare industry. From the Internet of Things [IoT] to telemedicine, all of these innovations are changing the way medical institutions deliver care across the world. While many significant benefits come from these modern healthcare innovations, staying connected at all times exponentially increases the threat… View Article

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Dan L. Dodson interviewed by Information Security Media Group

Fortified’s President, Dan L. Dodson discuss the state of connected medical device security in the healthcare industry.

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