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Fortified releases Mid-Year Healthcare Cybersecurity Horizon Report

Fortified Health Security releases Healthcare Cybersecurity Mid-Year Horizon Report covering medical device security, ransomware attacks (WannaCry / Petya), and more.

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Threat Alert: Petya Ransomware Outbreak in Europe and Asia

A new variant of the WannaCry cryptovirus known as Petya or Petwrap is rapidly spreading.

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Provider hit with $31,000 HIPAA settlement

Healthcare IT News reports that the Center for Children’s Digestive Health shared protected health info with FileFax, but didn’t have a BAA in place. Protect your data with Fortified’s BALM service.

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The WannaCry Virus: An Update & Response for Healthcare

News of the WannaCry virus has covered the globe. Here is what the healthcare industry needs to know and how to protect themselves.

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