Connected Medical Device & IoT Security Program

Close security gaps in your network by visualizing, assessing and protecting connected IoT and medical devices.

How many medical devices are connected to your network right now? Most healthcare leaders cannot answer confidently and that’s a problem. Even more healthcare organizations have a challenge monitoring and managing risks associated with connected medical devices and IoT.

IoT-enabled medical devices are revolutionizing the process and practice of patient care. As medical IT networks continue to evolve, they become more complex and difficult to manage as devices dynamically enter and exit the environment. Each devices brings with it unique vulnerability and risks that traditional homogenous network platform security protocols do not address.

Medical devices are slow to adopt safe security practices and therefore may represent a significant vulnerability threat to healthcare organizations. Security programs that do not adequately address medical device vulnerabilities and perform ongoing monitoring of medical devices are not taking a comprehensive approach to their cybersecurity posture. Fortified’s Connected Medical Device & IoT Security Program is the answer.

Connected Medical Device & IoT Security Program is a technology-enabled solution that offers real-time operational intelligence and compliance visibility for network-connected medical devices through automated device discovery, identification, and classification. When combined with other Fortified solutions, the program provides a holistic perspective on your security posture and a proactive stance toward identifying and remediating issues.


The Connected Medical Device & IoT Security Program Offers

  • Network-connected IoT device discovery
  • Classification of IoT assets
  • Risk rating assignment for each device
  • Vulnerability management
  • Anomalous device behavior identification
  • Zero-day attack identification
  • Integration with existing security investments
  • Advanced threat remediation expertise
  • Monthly analysis, trending and reporting
  • Risk prioritization and patch management
  • Incident Response
The Fortified Difference

Comprehensive View

The program plugs seamlessly into Fortified’s single pane-of-glass dashboard to offer complete visibility across the network for a better and more efficient monitoring and remediation process.

Proactive Stance

More than just static alerts, the Fortified team can monitor your network, triage and prioritize events, and offer real-time remediation support to expedite solutions related to medical device vulnerabilities quickly.

Immediate Impact

Gain situational awareness in moments. Implementation of the program is fast, non-disruptive, and can be easily deployed – quickly delivering the answers required to increase your security posture.

Ongoing Support

The program includes proactive support, remediation planning and risk prioritization to strengthen your security process over time.

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Delivery Methods

Fortified will work with you to assess your current security posture and create a customized IoT and medical device security approach that makes the most sense for your organization. Fortified’s Connected Medical Device & IoT Security Program scales from a technology-enabled solution to a fully managed solution depending on your needs and infrastructure.