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Fortified Health Security Announces Dave Glenn as CRO

Fortified Health Security announced that Dave Glen has joined its executive leadership team as chief revenue officer (CRO). Glenn’s addition to the team will allow Fortified to effectively scale sales and marketing operations amid its continued growth.

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Single Sign-On vs. MFA: Do You Know The Difference?

Usernames and passwords are the foundation of user authentication, but these factors are no longer enough to prevent data exposure. As cyber threats become more complex, companies are fighting back through single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. These solutions can strengthen your cybersecurity framework without hindering user experience.  What Is Single Sign-On? Single-sign on (SSO) is… View Article

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Kwampirs Trojan Targets Healthcare Industry

In response to the latest attack on the healthcare industry by the cybercriminal group Orangeworm, Fortified Health Security COO William Crank penned a commentary for the Disaster Recovery Journal – the leading industry resource for business continuity professionals covering disaster recovery, crisis management, and risk management. Throughout the article, Crank discusses what healthcare leaders should know about… View Article

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HIPAA Changes Regarding COVID-19: What Healthcare Organizations Should Know

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) have issued a Limited Waiver of HIPAA Sanctions and Penalties. While HIPAA regulations and protected health information (PHI) protections are still in place, it’s important that healthcare facilities understand what protocols the limited waiver… View Article

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How to Maintain Cyber Security When Employees Work Remotely

With the spread of Covid-19 around the country, many organizations are sending employees home to work remotely. Doing so can be an essential health and safety precaution. However, remote work comes with additional cybersecurity threats. Here are some key ways that organizations can prioritize network security while employees are dispersed. Implement Network Access Control (NAC)… View Article

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