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Pause To Consider: Passwords

One of the most common ways bad actors gain access to digital environments is by guessing passwords. With so many devices being interconnected, cracking into one device could mean access to several devices, as well as extensive access to sensitive information. It is always a good idea to change your password often. When you change your… View Article

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How often is remote access evaluated and monitored? In today’s environment, the majority of the healthcare workforce does not need remote access. However, a large segment of remote-access users retains access that they no longer use or need. Unused, open-access accounts need to be disabled. Pause to consider: When was the last time remote access… View Article

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Pause To Consider: Security Governance and Compliance Strategy

Many healthcare organizations need a formal process to govern their organization’s security program. A strong security governance and strategy program will better position your organization to respond to changes in technology, regulatory laws, and the ever-changing threat landscape while effectively managing information security and privacy risk to the organization. Pause to consider: Is there a security-focused… View Article

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PAUSE TO CONSIDER: Access and Privileges

Hopefully, by now, your information security team has a defined process in place to remove access or privileges when an employee is terminated or transfers to a new role in your organization. Most of us are quick to disable accounts in Active Directory or email, but do you have a well-defined process in place to… View Article

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PAUSE TO CONSIDER: Workforce Targets

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is highly susceptible to cyber-attacks. However, most executives don’t realize that many attacks are directed at what’s arguably an organization’s weakest link: its workforce. Workforce members and their user accounts are generally targeted via phishing attempts or brute force attacks. Pause to consider: How confident are you that… View Article

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