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Fortified releases Mid-Year Healthcare Cybersecurity Horizon Report

Fortified Health Security releases Healthcare Cybersecurity Mid-Year Horizon Report covering medical device security, ransomware attacks (WannaCry / Petya), and more.

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Threat Alert: Petya Ransomware Outbreak in Europe and Asia

A new variant of the WannaCry cryptovirus known as Petya or Petwrap is rapidly spreading.

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Compliance Scanning – are you overlooking a big part of Vulnerability Management?

Designing and deploying a vulnerability management program is essential — but many of these programs are still missing a crucial piece of the puzzle.

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Provider hit with $31,000 HIPAA settlement

Healthcare IT News reports that the Center for Children’s Digestive Health shared protected health info with FileFax, but didn’t have a BAA in place. Protect your data with Fortified’s BALM service.

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WEBINAR: Beyond WannaCry – Vital Steps for Ransomware Preparedness

Since the global WannaCry cyberattack made the word “ransomware” top of mind for millions of people recently, the Fortified team has had informative and actionable conversations with many healthcare leaders. Our proper tendency is to respond to an attack. However, the foundational efforts to establish a truly secure cybersecurity posture happen long before a crisis… View Article

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