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How A Virtual Information Security Program Revolutionizes Cybersecurity in Your Organization

Despite continuously integrating innovative cybersecurity upgrades and enhancements, the healthcare industry remains a primary target for cyber attacks and data breaches for a myriad of reasons. A medical facility’s technology environment contains employee and provider information, financial data, as well as a full spectrum of highly sensitive patient information, all of which can command top… View Article

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How to Conduct an Inventory of Your Medical Devices to Plan for Confident Cybersecurity

Connected medical devices have become an integral part of the patient experience here in the United States. Recent statistics demonstrate that a single hospital room may have, on average, 15-20 medical devices in it, many of them connecting directly into the healthcare facility’s IT infrastructure. Beyond the number in each room, the total number of… View Article

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HIPAA and Cybersecurity Applied to Medical Devices

Medical devices are increasingly being connected to hospital networks, the internet, patient home networks, and to other medical devices. This broad sharing of information allows physicians to respond to patient needs more quickly and tailor treatment plans based on outputs from medical devices in use. However, these capabilities also increase the risks associated with cybersecurity…. View Article

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Healthcare Cybersecurity Tips for Apps and Mobile Devices

Every healthcare organization, regardless of the devices used, faces the risk of cybersecurity attacks. However, the use of mobile devices and apps can bring the risk of a cyber-attack to another level.  Apps and mobile devices are highly effective, affordable, and convenient ways for medical facilities to manage a diverse range of components throughout the… View Article

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6 Recommendations for Taking Your Healthcare Information Management Systems from Compliance to Confidence

Cyber attacks are a regular occurrence throughout the healthcare industry. Unfortunately, not only are data nad network security compromises common, they are also costly. A cyberattack can cost the organization $1.4 million in recovery expenses alone on average, including loss of productivity, service disruption, and irreparable reputation damage for medical provider.  Cybercriminals often target the… View Article

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