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Horizon Report details state of Healthcare Cybersecurity and Predictions for 2017

Fortified Health Security has released its first annual Horizon Report. This extensive report details the current state of cybersecurity in healthcare, new and existing threats, and predictions for 2017.

“While the healthcare industry has taken some positive steps in safeguarding electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI), our adversaries have matured their tactics, held some organizations ransom and continued to exploit our environments throughout the past year,” said Dan L. Dodson, president of Fortified Health Security. “Managing risk is complicated so we created the Horizon Report to build awareness of these threats and provide insights on how to manage them in today’s changing healthcare landscape.”

The Horizon Report features:

  • The Year in Review for 2016: News-making breaches and reports
  • The Evolution of Ransomware: 2016 – The Year of Ransom
  • Breach Data Review: OCR study results and insights
  • Trends and Predictions for 2017: Our take on what to prepare for in the new year
  • Steps to Take Now: Safeguards and best practices for guiding your organization

[Click to Download the Horizon Report]

It is our hope that you to share the Horizon Report with others and use it to build your case for the importance of preparedness when dealing with cyber attacks.  Also, it was also developed to be the start of a conversation and we welcome your perspectives and feedback at