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mHealth Times features Fortified Health Security’s new offerings

As cyberattacks grow more sophisticated and breaches become more common, healthcare organizations are increasingly aware of their need to partner with experienced security and compliance professionals to help mitigate their cybersecurity and compliance risks. To address these concerns, Fortified Health Security, a leader in information security, compliance and managed services focusing solely in the healthcare industry, recently launched its new Virtual Information Security Program (VISP), Managed Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and 24/7/365 Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM) offerings.

Through VISP, Fortified provides a comprehensive panel of security professionals with the expertise and capability of an in-house CISO/ISO that is available 24 hours a day/seven days a week, without the associated level of overhead and benefits required when adding another top-level executive. VISP can be delivered through a team of security and compliance professionals or an individual expert to fill gaps in staffing and expertise.

VISP can be added to an organization within days instead of the months that a search for a full-time ISO typically takes. It also provides a fresh, independent perspective, free of organizational politics and culture, so healthcare organizations can concentrate on what’s best for the business.

Managed DLP makes DLP – an advanced security solution historically mostly available to larger organizations with greater resources – now accessible, affordable and manageable for community hospitals. This dynamic tool allows hospitals to proactively manage where sensitive data is sent and how it is received so they can meet compliance and regulation requirements such as the HIPAA Security Role, PCI, Joint Commission and state privacy regulations. DLP tools provide a number of mechanisms to analyze risks to ePHI per the HIPAA Security Role and help limit ePHI access to the “Minimum Necessary.” Fortified Health Security delivers Managed DLP through product licensing and monthly monitoring services.

Managing log data is another big challenge for healthcare organization as it can be extremely labor-intensive and not only puts an enormous amount of stress on existing resources, but has the ability to detract from daily operations. Failure to implement a proper logging process can translate to many thousands of dollars in liability for non-compliance, remediation and other related expenses. Information systems can also be tough to properly monitor due to their dynamic nature. It is imperative that persons knowledgeable with security incidents across many operating systems assist in proper event monitoring.


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