Fortified is committed to providing resources that promote clarity and understanding of the security issues impacting the healthcare industry.

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2020 Healthcare Cybersecurity Horizon Report

Fortified’s 2020 Horizon Report highlights major events that occurred in healthcare cybersecurity in 2019 and offers predictions and insights on how to be better prepared in 2020.

2019 Mid Year Horizon Report

Discover healthcare cybersecurity trends in Fortified’s semi-annual report. The 2019 Mid Year Horizon Report highlights the latest breach data and industry trends, along with best practices for penetration testing, peer-based comparative analytics, and Microsoft Office 265.

2019 Healthcare Cybersecurity Horizon Report

Fortified’s 2019 annual healthcare cybersecurity Horizon Report provides a better understanding of the cybersecurity landscape in healthcare and offers expert insight into how healthcare organizations can embrace key trends to their advantage.

2018 Healthcare Cybersecurity Mid-Year Horizon Report

Fortified’s 2018 mid-year update to its annual healthcare cybersecurity Horizon Report highlights the growing number of cybersecurity attacks hitting the healthcare industry.

U.S. Food & Drug Administration: Medical Device Safety Action Plan

Download the FDA’s plan on protecting patients and promoting public health with the Medical Device Safety Action Plan. 

Compliance Scanning: The Missing Piece of Vulnerability Management

Understanding the difference between a vulnerability and compliance scan is vital. Compliance Scanning is a necessary and often overlooked aspect of vulnerability scanning.

Fortified Health Security Horizon Report 2016|2017

Fortified’s Horizon Report builds awareness about cyber threats facing the healthcare industry, cybersecurity trends for 2017, guidance on appropriate steps to take.

Ransomware: An Overview

Ransomware! The word alone strikes fear in the hearts of CIOs, CISOs and hospital administrators alike. In this overview, learn what is ransomware, where it’s going, and what you can do to protect your organization.