Vulnerability Threat Management

Reduce data exposure risk and protect patient care with a complete managed solution for vulnerability identification and remediation.

Vulnerability Threat Management (VTM) is fundamental for the effective security management of any healthcare organization.

Vulnerability scanning is not only important for compliance with HIPAA/HITRUST, it is fundamental to effective security management. Fortified’s Vulnerability Threat Management (VTM) is a complete managed solution that enables healthcare organizations of any size to achieve adherence with applicable regulatory compliance requirements and reduce their exposure to threats. Our VTM service discovers vulnerabilities that may lead to compromise.  Once identified, our analysts work directly with IT staff to help provide remediation guidance.

Fortified tools program main analysis view with graphs and statistics shown on desktop monitorFortified provides the tools, expert analysis and guidance to identify high-severity vulnerabilities that, if exploited, can expose data or inhibit patient care. Reporting is available for measuring system adherence to security and frameworks as well. This service includes scanning, guidance, trending, and monthly calls.

Every healthcare organization should utilize VTM for foundational security management. Wherever you currently are in your security journey, Fortified extends your capabilities and frees up resources to focus efforts on corrective actions, rather than ‘perpetual identification’.

Securing private health information (PHI), organizational materials, and network stability are top priorities in the healthcare industry. Investing in reliable threat and vulnerability management solutions is integral in these endeavors. Allow Fortified Health Security to strengthen or overhaul your current security system to keep you on top of all vulnerabilities, threats, and potential breaches facing your organization.

The Fortified Difference
  • An unmatched depth of vulnerability analysis to determine immediate threats
  • Our comprehensive approach includes both proactive (preventative) and reactive (detective) measures
  • Monthly security calls with personalized insights on your security posture
  • Scans conducted on your complete infrastructure (internal and external)
  • Additional scan types available for overall threat landscape (i.e. compliance, malware, infrastructure, etc.)


VTM Program Components

VTM Program Components functions that protect you from cyberattack infographic


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